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March is Women in Comics Month!

The artform and industry have always had a strong feminine presence, 
even from it's earliest days.

From pioneers like Dale Messick and Ramona Fradon, to long time greats such as Marie Severin, Louise Simonson, Diana Schutz,Janette Khan and Karen Berger. Then on to today's crop of spectacular talent, ladies like Becky Cloonan, Joelle Jones and Kelly Sue DeConnick are leading the way for everyone in the business.

Throughout this month we'll be spotlightling many of these comics luminaries, 

so stay tuned to this spot!


Love is the answer.
This special anthology is a beacon of compassion in the face of fear,violence and tragedy.
Assembled by dozens of the finest artists and writers working in comics today, this book shares the pain of the Orlando Pulse shootings, gives us fresh and honest human perspectives on what it means to be gay in this world. All of the proceeds benefit the families, friends and survivors of this horrifying act.
Let love guide us.



Children are more eager, receptive and malleable than often given credit for. They are open, unbiased and available to new ideas but due to various distractions, increased screen time with digital devices, overly busy lives.… undervalued story time, they dread books and they try to avoid reading which should be fun and rewarding but they are becoming increasingly less literate. The early years of a child's life is when their language skills and abilities take hold. They develop the ability to identify and differentiate between spoken and written words and the child's level of exposure directly impacts their matured communicative abilities. Studies will show that kids absorb 20% of the words they are introduced to between years 0-4. The more words, information, ideas, and concepts they are presented, the more their knowledge base grows...Without regular stimulus and cognitive challenges their brains may never fully develop the cognitive abilities they otherwise could have. Click through to read more...