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for fireworks and frivolities.

Back at the Regular Hours Tuesday.



Tag-teaming with us for this heavy weight tilt, 
and housing the event in their establishment are
BOLLOCKS PUB at 555 Rossland Rd E.

Modern format, $35 entry free.
Register on-line thru Paypal 

or in person at Worlds Collide.
Secure your spot today.




Every week we have multiple
Magic The Gathering
in store events.

On most weeks the schedule is:
Tuesday - Modern
Thursday - Commander
Friday - Draft

and on alternate Mondays - Pauper

Consult our calendar here,
on our Facebook page,
or on the MTG Companion Application
for all the events in the area!



Note to our dedicated patrons:


Current Hours

Monday 11-6
Tuesday 11-8
Wednesday 11-8
Thursday 11-8
Friday 11-8
Saturday 11-6
Sunday 11-6



Take care of yourselves and feel free to continue to
communicate with us via phone at 905-436-8999,

email at ,
Facebook, at  
Twitter @WorldsCollideCa or on 
Instagram at 
We'll answer as soon as we can.


Be safe. Try and have some fun. And stay in touch!

All the best, from:
The quasi-humanoid counter jockeys of Worlds Collide and
our Peerless Leader, Tim.