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As you may have heard, retail stores can be OPEN starting next
Tuesday May 19th.
That's great news for everyone who's been missing their comics & games,
but it doesn't mean business as usual. We still need to take certain
precautions as
We aren't out of the woods yet on COVID transmission.

We'll have to keep an eye on the number of people in the store at any
one time, and keep you 6 feet apart.

IF you're just paying and dashing, things should be reasonably normal.

However, for those who want to browse thought the merchandise,
especially card binders, there will be hand sanitizer and/or disposable
It would also be a good idea to wear a mask.

Comic fans: there will be a shipment of new comics next week, but it
will be quite small
Magic fans:  we are well stocked on the IKORIA products. They arrived on

IF possible, especially for those with extensive lists of cards or
comics, please contact us ahead of time so we can have your order ready

Our POST apocalypse hours are currently:

Tuesday noon to 7pm
Wednesday 11am  to 7 pm
Thursday   noon to 7pm
Friday noon to 7pm
Saturday  noon to 6pm.

IF we get busy, we will extend these hours.

Tim Simms
Worlds Collide




We are opening up pre-orders for Ikoria!
Taxes included in price!

Bundle - $56
Collector Booster Box - $390
Collector Booster Pack - $34
Draft Booster Box - $175
Prerelease Kit - $34

Commander 2020:
Arcane Maelstrom (Temur) - $56
Ruthless Regiment (Mardu) - $56
Enhanced Evolution (Sultai) - $56
Symbiotic Swarm (Abzan) - $56
Timeless Wisdom (Jeskai) - $85

All 5 Commander Decks - $245

Ships May 15th


We also have some MTG sealed product for sale!

Mystery Booster Box - $226

Challenger Decks - Set of 4 - $113

Flash of Ferocity - $45
Final Adventure - $35
Allied Fires - $35
Cavalcade Charge - $35

If you're interested email us at
or send us a direct message onFacebook, Twitter or Instagram
and we will set you up.





We are closed now for the

immediate future.
We are working on a solution
to get stuff to you.

 Please continue to update us with your pull lists and get on touch one way or another about what we can do about it moving forwards.

You can reach us via email at ,
on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
pages with requests, questions, queries and
all other things that start with Q.
If you need help with assignments in Canada,
contact these guys




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